Client: Collier County

Hole Montes has continuously provided the Collier County water and wastewater utility with engineering assistance since the 1990’s. NCWRF is an example of an orderly phased expansion of a master planned project. This regional facility has been expanded from a 1.5 MGD package plant and 3 MGD oxidation ditch facility to a 24 MGD facility that provides nitrogen removal and advanced treatment to produce a high quality effluent with 100 percent reuse of the reclaimed water produced.

As this facility is surrounded by public park facilities and residential neighborhoods, odor control and noise suppression technologies were paramount in the first phase in the 1990. In 1996, a 17 MGD was created through expansion of the headworks; new aeration basins, blower building and clarifiers; new filters and chlorine contact tanks; and expansion of the sludge dewatering facilities. In 2003, further expansion of the headworks, new aeration basins and clarifiers, new filters and chlorine contact tanks, new aerated sludge digestion/holding tanks, and expansion of the sludge dewatering facilities were constructed. Hole Montes continued the modernization of the older equipment and systems to assure a high level of reliability. Recently, the $10 Million Compliance Assurance Project was completed to provide various improvements associated with adding system reliability and redundancy including irrigation quality water sites – system upgrades and flow meter replacements.