Briarcliff Filter Marsh Water Quality Improvements: HM provided evaluation of potential sites to serve as the most practical, economical and beneficial location for a treatment system to intercept excess surface water from Briarcliff Ditch and cleanse the water before discharging downstream to the Ten Mile Canal system. Several potential sites were evaluated by HM and upon a thorough review, HM provided Lee County with a recommendation of an available 15 acre site. The County then purchased the property.

Subsequent to the due diligence parcel evaluation, HM completed design, permitting and construction bid documents for an in-line filter marsh treatment system composed of a large waterbody and filter marsh area which will receive diverted waters from Briarcliff Ditch. The water inflow is diverted through the filter system by way of a large fixed weir, which was constructed within Briarcliff Ditch. The weir is equipped with flood gates for additional draw down capability in advance of large storm events and can be activated by telemetry systems which will be tied into the existing LCDOT SCADA system. The filter marsh system has the capability to allow for sediment removal as well as nutrient uptake through both chemical breakdown and bio-uptake. Considerations for plant harvesting and operation were provided by design of a parallel two cell system where half of the treatment system can be taken off-line for maintenance. The completed system provides a treatment train for capturing nutrients from the upstream watershed, and reducing pollutant discharge to Ten Mile Canal, and ultimately Estero Bay.