Client: Lee County Utilities

The BSU/FMB emergency water main interconnect creates a redundant link to supply potable water to the Fort Myers Beach (FMB) barrier island should the use of the existing water main crossing at Matanzas Pass be suspended for any reason. The 12” diameter water main interconnect connects the terminal ends of the Fort Myers Beach water main system to the Bonita Springs Utility (BSU) system. The waterways, as well as the adjacent Lovers Key State Park, are natural resources that required special attention for protection during construction and operation of the system. The water main was installed parallel to the Estero/Hickory Boulevard roadway and skirts the edge of the existing draw bridge fenders. The project design required extensive research of the roadway, bridge and other existing utilities to avoid conflicts. Presently, the interconnect would be used in an emergency situation; however the system was designed to allow for continuous operation if the need arises.