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South County Regional Water Reclamation Facility

Naples, Collier County, Florida

Complaints by neighbors of the South Collier County Water Reclamation Facility (SCWRF) caused County Commissioners to address health, safety, noise and odor concerns. Key issues were odor from open aeration basins and safety relating to the use of chlorine gas cylinders near neighboring residences. Hole Montes was retained to develop a plan to: Upgrade the existing facility and expand the facility to a build-out capacity of 16 MGD; convert the odor producing aeration basins to an effluent storage facility; and construct new covered aeration basins that included an air scrubbing system to remove odor causing compounds.

The Phase II expansion of the facility to a 16 MGD build-out capacity included provisions to handle large peak flows associated with rain events as well as the normal non-rain peak flows. Additional aeration basins, clarifiers, effluent filters, chlorine contact tanks, aerated sludge holding tanks and sludge dewatering systems were constructed. Also included were a new blower building, a new electrical and power generation building and chemical feed systems. The neighbor friendly criteria established in Phase I were retained in the expansion phase of this project. Hole Montes was retained to coordinate permitting, design, and construction of a second deep injection well for Phase III.