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Port of the Islands Water Reclamation Facility

Hole Montes, Inc. has provided engineering services to the Port of the Islands Community Improvement District (CID) for their water and wastewater utility on an on-going basis since 1990. The Port of the Islands CID is located approximately 20 miles southeast of Naples on U.S. 41 and is surrounded by the Everglades National Park, the Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve and the Collier Seminole State Park nature preserves. Due to the unique environmentally sensitive nature of the area, effluent disposal options for their water reclamation facility were very limited. Hole Montes, Inc. developed the plan that provided wastewater treatment to such a level that effluent was approved for discharge into an on-site jurisdictional wetland. This was the first and only project of its kind permitted in southwest Florida for discharge of reclaimed water to a wetland.

As regulations changed over the next fifteen years, the CID decided that a more beneficial use of the effluent from the water reclamation facility was for use in residential irrigation. The CID retained Hole Montes to develop a major renovation program for this facility in 2006. This renovation included conversion of the activated sludge system to a Membrane BioReactor (MBR) configuration. A new 250,000 gallon reclaimed water storage tank was constructed (to supplant the original 200,000 gallon tank) along with new reuse pumping station to allow 100 percent reuse of the reclaimed water produced. The electrical system, including new standby generator, was totally upgraded with the 2008 renovation project.