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North County Regional Water Reclamation Facility

Naples, Collier County, Florida

The North Collier County Water Reclamation Facility is an example of an orderly phased expansion of a master planned project. During the past fifteen years, the North County Regional Water Reclamation Facility (NCWRF) has been expanded from a facility that consisted of a 1.5 MGD package plant and 3 MGD oxidation ditch facility to a 24 MGD facility that provides nitrogen removal and advanced treatment to produce a high quality effluent with 100 percent reuse of the reclaimed water produced.

Hole Montes has been involved in the three phases of upgrades and expansions for this project spanning more than fifteen years. The firm has provided planning, design, and construction contract administration and inspection services. In addition, Hole Montes supplied startup assistance, preparation of O&M Manuals, staff training, and process optimization assistance during the three phases of construction.