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City of Naples Wastewater Treatment Plant

Naples, Florida

The City of Naples operated an 8 MGD secondary treatment facility that discharges treated effluent to the Gordon River as well as provided filtered and disinfected effluent for public access reuse. In order to retain their permit to discharge effluent into the river, upgrades needed to be made to their existing facility.

Hole Montes assisted the City in development of a program that included minimizing discharge to the river along with upgrading the level of treatment. Hole Montes, Inc. evaluated the existing facility and considered alternative treatment upgrade options. The result was a decision to convert the conventional activated sludge system to the Bardenpho process to provide total nitrogen and phosphorus removal to less than 3 mg/l TN and less than 1 mg/l TP.

The project also included increasing the treatment capacity from 8 to 10 MGD to accommodate what was determined to be the build-out needs for the City’s service area. Since there was limited space to enlarge the existing facility, Hole Montes developed a plan to renovate and modernize many of the tanks and buildings at the facility to increase their capacity and to work seamlessly in conjunction with new process tanks and units.

Hole Montes also designed upgrades to the plant’s effluent reuse storage and pumping facilities. This increased capability allows the City of Naples to promote increased reuse of its reclaimed water as the water leaving the facility is provided to the reuse system’s customers at both a pressure sufficient for direct use for irrigation.