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Utility: Carrell Rd./Winkler Ave.

Carrell Road/Winkler Ave. Utility & Drainage

Fort Myers, Florida

Older sections of the City of Fort Myers exhibited an aging utility system which required extensive annual maintenance and taxed the wastewater treatment facility during peak rainfall events due to widespread infiltration of the underground wastewater system. Hole Montes, Inc. completed the design to revamp the utility system to provide an updated water system for service and fire protection, and a more economical and efficient wastewater system. During this project the City also renovated the roadway drainage system and provided additional sidewalks and traffic calming measures. The final scope of the project was for the design of approximately 108,000 linear feet of sanitary sewer, 81,000 linear feet of water mains, 24,000 linear feet of force main, 12 lift stations, and an extensive drainage analysis and design for the one-square mile community. The project was designed in multiple phases to afford the flexibility to the City to bid portions as funding was in place, and renovation needs dictated.

Hole Montes also provided a vital role in coordinating with the affected City residents – providing updates as to the progress of the design, neighborhood meetings during construction, a website for public information, continuing field communication with the residents on nearly a daily basis, and coordination with emergency services. We also provided cost and time savings for the project by utilizing HM inspection force for material testing.