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The Brooks

Hole Montes was the Engineer of Record for a project originally known as the Sweetwater Ranch which was later developed as The Brooks at Bonita Springs and Coconut Point. The project is made up of approximately 5 sections of land in Estero, Florida.

The project started in the late 1980's when the land was utilized for farming. Topographic surveying and the setting and monitoring of shallow groundwater wells for the determination of seasonal water level trends were completed. Permitting through the SFWMD and USACOE for the project incorporated the design of a wetland flowway system, re-establishing a hydraulic connection of on-site wetlands to the existing Halfway Creek watershed, designed to mimic the pre-existing natural conditions and incorporated the existing conditions monitoring data. In addition, the flowway was extended through the project to the east and connected to culverts passing through the I-75 right-of-way for a hydraulic connection to land east of I-75 to redirect floodwaters from the Imperial River basin after the early 1990's flooding.

The developer worked in conjunction with Lee County and the SFWMD on the flowway design that provides the dual purpose of area-wide flood control and re-establishment of hydro-period of the existing wetland systems on site. The flowway consisted of lakes and swales excavated through cap rock adjacent to the wetland areas and was designed as an outfall for most of the drainage basins within The Brrooks and Coconut Point. Control structures consisting of broadcrested weirs were designed within the flowway to maintain the water levels at the historic water table elevations. The weirs and several culvert crossings were modeled and designed using HEC-RAS river routing software. The project is currently home to several thousand residents and includes over a million square feet of retail commercial development.