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Lee County, Florida Surface Water Management

Hole Montes assisted in the preparation of HEC-RAS models for several of the watersheds within Lee County including Estero River, Halfway Creek, Leitner Creek, Olga, Six Mile Cypress and Imperial River. Tasks included incorporation of existing conditions data for the waterway cross sections, determination of watershed boundaries utilizing USGS mapping and existing conditions surveying, determination of existing/proposed watershed flows and hydraulic modeling of the waterway channels using HEC-RAS.

The final overall plan consisted of discussion and descriptions of each watershed boundary including watershed boundary mapping, delineation of sensitive lands, identification of conveyance systems, identifications of rights of way for the drainage facilities, creation of a regional groundwater map based on field monitoring data, description of the hydrology and historic rainfall data, water quantity hydraulic modeling, water quality modeling and pollutant loading computations, water budget analysis, assessment of the system capacity, suggestion of proposed improvements, and plans for implementation of the improvements.

Hole Montes researched historic and current aerial photographs and reviewed USGS quad maps during the initial phase of the project to determine the estimated limits of the watershed boundaries. Field visits were performed to verify these estimates. The existing conditions information including a catalogue of existing drainage structures and natural features, along with conveyance cross sections, and historic rainfall data were utilized as input data into the hydraulic models. Calibration of the models involved comparing the elevation computations with field gathered seasonal and high water elevation marks. The existing condition models were used as a baseline for the analysis of the effectiveness of proposed improvements. The report culminated in the preparation of an action plan for proposed improvements.