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Halfway Creek Regional Watershed in Lee County

Hole Montes is currently working in conjunction with Boylan Environmental Consultants on the restoration and water quality improvements for the Halfway Creek watershed which runs from the west side of US 41 to the Estero River in Estero, Florida. Our tasks have included existing conditions data collection and surveying and monitoring of water levels, identification of locations within the watershed causing impacts to the historic flow conditions, hydrologic and hydraulic computations utilizing HEC-RAS of the existing and proposed conditions of the flowway and determination of steps to improve the hydraulic capacity and water quality treatment capability of the watershed. Hole Montes is currently in the permitting phase through the FDEP for modifications to an existing crossing of the flowway at the FPL transmission easement.

Halfway Creek is a tributary of the Estero River and includes a watershed area of more than 5 square miles. Under the direction of the Lee County Division of Natural Resources, this project will identify several locations along the Halfway Creek that are in need of modifications in order to increase the hydraulic capacity of the flowway as well as locations that will be utilized to increase the water quality treatment capacity through the restoration of native wetland habitat. With the completion of the design and assessment phase and the later construction of improvements, the Halfway Creek watershed will effectively reduce the burden on the Spring Creek and Imperial River basins to the south and provide a mechanism to assist in the water quality treatment of surface water runoff prior to discharge to the Estero River and, ultimately, into Estero Bay.