Land Development Projects


Fiddlers Creek

Naples, Collier County, Florida

This 6,000 unit residential/golf course community encompasses 3,932 acres located in southern Collier County. Hole Montes, Inc. has provided extensive engineering and surveying services and participated in the planning and environmental permitting of this ongoing project.

Extensive coordination was required with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Consequently, a carefully developed wildlife habitat and management plan was designed, approved and incorporated into the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit. The wildlife habitat area consists of nearly 200 acres at the south end of the project. It was set aside as a habitat for wading birds and a bald eagle nesting site. A major feature of the wildlife preserve is a three-mile meandering man-made creek with a long shallow wading bird area. The preserve was incorporated into the project as a combined recreational amenity, stormwater outfall and wetland enhancement area.

Hole Montes also serves as the District Engineer for the Community Development Districts which have been created for this project. Responsibilities have included establishing the District’s construction bonds and the design, permitting, inspection and review of the District infrastructure. Additional permits have been required from the State (FDOT, SFWMD, FDEP and NPDES) and County Jurisdictions.