About Hole Montes

Hole Montes, Inc. has played a significant role in the growth of southwest Florida since the firm's inception in 1966, originally established as Stanley W. Hole & Associates. In 1974, with the addition of Sergio Montes, the firm's name was expanded to Hole, Montes & Associates Inc. In 2000, the firm's name was edited to Hole Montes, Inc. and a new corporate office building was designed and constructed in North Naples. We have developed a reputation as a highly competent firm with expertise in general civil engineering, roadway design and engineering, permitting, water and wastewater engineering, aviation engineering, land planning and land surveying.

Founded to meet the needs of a growing region, the firm initially offered engineering design studies and report services. As projects became more detailed and sophisticated, additional professional services have been added to the firm's capabilities. These services include land planning, economic and fiscal evaluations, stormwater management, transportation engineering, construction contract administration, construction observation, construction stakeout, and land surveying. The firm's client base includes both the private and public sector.

Central to our history and day-to-day philosophy is a commitment to careful analysis of all projects. Each project is scrutinized so that the firm's talent and expertise are used to the client's best advantage. Management has selectively gathered a highly qualified team of professional and technical personnel to provide these professional services. Their knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality reflect the founding philosophy of HM and the firm's commitment to the challenges that the future of Florida will bring.

In addition to standard "off-the-shelf" programs, HM has developed its own customized design programs used within the AutoCAD program. These custom programs automate the production of plan/profile sheets for water, sewer and road design. This technology takes advantage of the topographic data obtained by accepted surveying methods, including stereographic aerial methods. Professional surveying personnel use total station surveying systems with electronic data collectors. This allows the engineering design staff to use field data efficiently and cost effectively during the design and construction phases of their projects.

The firm has been involved in many projects requiring expertise in the area of water supply, treatment, transmission and distribution and wastewater collection, treatment and disposal-reuse as well as streets and highways, and stormwater management systems. HM has a clear understanding of the environmental goals and objectives of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, United States Army Corps of Engineers, South and Southwest Florida Water Management Districts and the United States Environmental Protection Agency through development and permitting of many water, wastewater, roadway, and stormwater management projects. The firm has been highly successful in developing both public and private projects contiguous to and encompassing environmentally sensitive areas including mangrove, cypress and grassy wetlands.